The Drink Project Documentation

Welcome to the Drink Project, and it's associated documention. Below, documentation on various parts of the drink system is available. These documents provide neccesary insight on how the software functions, and how to make use of the software.

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General Documentation:
Todo list
Developer-oriented list of work that is yet to be completed.

Usage Statistics
Statistics regarding how much which users have spent.

Drink Javadocs
A collection of extensive autogenerated reference documenation on the drink system software.

TINI Microprocessor Javadocs
The javadocs for the software for the TINI microprocessor, the processor that drives Big Drink.

Schematics [not complete]
Schematics of the electrical components of the Big Drink machine.

UML Software Diagram
A relational diagram describing the hierarchy of the drink system software.

Software Overview [not started]
A brief outline and description of the components of the drink system software.

Telnet client
A client that allows the user to telnet into the machine of choice on port 42.
Also known as the 'Client Server'.
telnet drink 42

Finger Client
A client available over the finger protocol. Provides information about a machine's status through various finger targets sent to the intended machine.
finger @drink

Protocols and Servers:
Sunday Protocol
A protocol designed to allow third-party clients to interact with and use the various drink machines. The Sunday-Server, which is the implementing server, runs on port 4242 of each of the machines. A user can use telnet or a similar utility to interact manually with the machine through the Sunday-Server.

Sunday Protocol Error Code Specifcation
The set of error codes that any sunday protocol command may return.

Networked Account Manager Protocol
The protocol that the Networked Account Server and Client use to communicate. The Networked Account Protocol enables the Drink Server Software to use a remote account manager. This is useful in the event that several Drink machines are in use - Every machine can connect to the Networked Account Server, allowing for centralized user management and storage.

Drink Source
Tarballs of the source for drink. Current version: 1.5

The SDK for the TINI Microprocessor. Needed to build the drink source.

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